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Slowly the world changed from the Stone Age to the modern era when man was impelled by the curiosity to know about die outer space and the millions of stars and planets there. Man’s life is woefully short to travel even to the nearest planet and it is doubtful whether the atmospheric conditions there will allow us to stay there. Invention after invention revolutionises the world and the television and the radio have brought about amazing changes in the dissemination of information and in popularising the entertainment programmes. There are watches with small television scr eens in which television programmes can be viewed. There are small television screens in cell phones and a person can watch the TV programmes.

Science is fast developing and making our lives more and more civilized and comfortable. The gifts of science are indeed innumerable. One chief characteristic of the broadcasting and the telecasting media is that they immediately transmit information from one corner of the world to another.

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When a person in Chennai listens to a programme over the radio from New Delhi he knows what happens in Delhi immediately. The television enables us to watch from our room a programme telecast from a distant place. The newspaper too is a fast medium of information but it can bring us the news of a cultural event, which took place yesterday, only the next day. But the radio and the television bring us the news of the incidents in Mumbai, the USA or L-onion just at the moment when they are happening.

This is because of the help we get from the satellite transmission. The radio has messages and information for all kinds of People. There are programmes for the students, for the agriculturists, for the labourers in various sectors, for the women for the persons who suffer from some diseases etc.

When doctors, specialists in various fields of medicine, speak directly to the listeners on the radio and the television, patients suffering from some diseases get useful information about the treatment of their diseases. Writers, cinema and drama artistes, playback singers and so on interact with the listeners. The listeners are happy to speak to the distinguished persons in various fields. The radio and the television are a boon to mankind. The number of programmes of entertainment and information on the radio and the television are numerous. In some villages the community radio and the television centres are a source of much information to the villagers.


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