It opposed to religion and religion is

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It may be said that science is not opposed to religion and religion is not opposed to science. Both are complementary and supplementary to each other.

Science is concerned with the materialistic world, the world in which we live and move. Religion is related to religious rituals. Religion emphasizes that the noble qualities of man develop his spiritual side.

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But the truths of religion cannot be explained, and cannot be easily understood. Scientific truths can be experimented upon and proved. We believe in God but we cannot prove His existence. But great philosophers and saints have meditated and proved many secrets of religion and philosophy. We believe what they say.

Religion disciplines us and makes us men of good character. Religion and spiritual science teach us that good qualities are essential for a peaceful and happy life. Both science and religion have equal importance in our lives. Despite unceasing experiments about the origin of the universe and life scientists are still struggling to find a satisfactory answer just because the mystery of the origin of the universe and life is irresolvable and beyond human comprehension. Some of the stars are millions of light years away and it is utterly impossible to approach the nearest star. It is shown on the NASA TV in the US that in the beginning, long ago, perhaps millions and millions of centuries ago, from an intense glow of highly radiant light, which was just a dot, sprang universes in a fraction of a second.

Our limited knowledge of the mystic, subtle truths of metaphysics and the unbounded outer space has left us puzzled and awe­struck. The result of a casual probe into the outer space is one of endless wonder. The spark of life cannot be created in a laboratory. When did life originate? Scientific experiments seem to have a boundary and a limitation and scientists seem to be unequal to the task of solving the mysteries of the universe.


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