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In south India there are very big temples measuring some acres.

They were built in forty or fifty acres. The temple for Lord Vishnu at Mridangam is perhaps the biggest temple in Tamil Nadu. Many Ashlars have sung devotional songs on Sri Ranganatha of Mridangam. Tirupathi is a small temple town built by a king and lakhs of devotees throng the temple daily. When I visited Tirupathi I had to stand in a long queue in which hundreds of people waited for worship of the principal deity, the most celebrated Lord Venkateswara. Devotees can also pay a certain amount for a quick Dakshin of the Lord.

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It is an endless queue day in and day out to worship Lord Vishnu, the Lord of the seven hills. The Tirupathi temple is set amidst a range of hills. The Tirupathi range of hills is a fairly long range. The several kinds of ritualistic worship for the Lord go on all through the day. The Tirupathi Devasthanam or the Tirupathi temple management runs buses up the hill and the hill route to the temple has many hairpin bends. Only expert drivers can drive the buses or cars through the hairpin bends.

The bends are like the hairpins with sharp curves. Many other mountains and hills have roads leading to the top. Buses and cars can go up the roads which have hairpin bends. Every day is a day of festivity in Tirupathi. When devotees come out of the sanctum sanctorum after worship, sweets, curd rice, tamarind rice, coconut rice, doughnut (Veda) or some other eatable is given. Eatables offered to the Lord, especially Ladd and doughnuts, are available for sale.

There are hundreds of furnished small cottages where devotees can stay for a rent. The temple town has a large floating population and people visiting Tirupathi feel ecstatic. It is really a great joy to go to Tirupathi and worship the Lord of Lords.

It is a unique experience. It can be compared to the Vatican City which is a city hallowed by the memories of Christ and where the Pope has his palace.


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