If thoughtless of the human beings to destroy

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If you have a garden in your house grows as many trees and plants as possible. You can grow coconut trees, tamarind trees, and plantain trees, plants which yield urinal, lady’s finger, snake-gourd and different kinds of flowers. Gardening is a special job which requires knowledge of the varieties of trees and plants and the methods of growing and safeguarding them.

When we go to the villages and hill resorts we are fascinated by the wonderful scenery of hills, mountains, trees and plants. It is a scene of greenery everywhere. Nature makes man happy and he is lost in its charm. The green nature is uniquely fascinating. It is thoughtless of the human beings to destroy the trees for construction, for wood for fire in the kitchen. Our environment has become hotter as the trees are being cut off. There should be a national agitation against the felling of trees. In the Himalayan region people close to the mountains daringly fell trees, chop them for wood for cooking.

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This thoughtless felling of trees by the tribal people living in the hills and mountains and the people close by is quite harmful to nature. In spite of the warnings of the forest guards’ people do not discontinue the practice of felling trees, precious trees like the pine trees, banyan trees, tamarind trees and the Deader trees. Cutting and smuggling the sandal-trees has been occurring in many forests without the knowledge of the wildlife wardens. Logs of the sandal-trees if sold in the market fetch a very good sum.

There are regular smugglers of the sandal-trees. The late brigand, Veerappan, who lived in the forest for many years, was a smuggler of sandalwood and a poacher, who traded in the elephant tusks. He was finally shot dead. Some time ago there was a festival of planting trees on the Chennai-Bangalore highway. The Vanamahotsava initiated by the former minister and great scholar, K.M.

Mushy, should be continued. The message of Vanamahotsava should be spread among the people by leaders and the Government officials.


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