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We should not stone dogs. We should not torture any bird or animal just because it is afraid of us. Some persons catch monkeys and make them do somersaults, jump and do all sorts of tricks before an admiring public who give money to the master of the monkey.

Sometimes man makes tamed bears do all sorts of difficult feats before an admiring crowd of people, who give money to the master of the bear. Nowadays the Government is strict in enforcing the law that tigers, lions, elephants, camels or horses should not be lashed and should not be made to do some difficult feats in circuses. Kindness towards animals is as essential as kindness towards human beings. The philosophy of non-violence should not be interpreted as having relevance only to human beings.

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All living beings, whether animals like the cow, bull, goat, elephant, tiger or lion and all birds cannot bear the suffering of harsh treatment like beating, thrashing, and piercing with sharp instruments. Man, the most rational of all living beings is endowed with the sixth sense and he has the divine quality of mercy. Kindness and compassion are in his nature and he should put them to proper use.

As supreme in the creations of God he should justify that he is supreme by being kind not only towards his fellowmen but also towards the dumb animals and birds.


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