Mother did she rest without doing something noble

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Mother Teresa was a true devotee of Lord Jesus Christ and His true servant. A priest dying on her lap said, ‘I see Goddess Kali in you. I die on the lap of a Goddess.’ What greater tribute can there be to her than these highly moving words! She was compassion personified.

Mother Teresa was the recipient of many national and international awards. She was honored with the Magsaysay award, the Nehru award for international understanding, the Nobel Peace Prize and the Bharat Ratna, which means the crowning jewel of India. No, she was the crowning jewel of the whole world. She was Goddess in the human form.

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Remembering Mother Teresa we are sanctified. Her thoughts were centered on the lowliest of the lowly and never for a moment did she rest without doing something noble for the suffering millions all over the world. Whenever a calamity struck a part of the globe making people suffer she would be there with financial assistance and her very presence was a source of solace to them. She was an embodiment of unselfishness. It could be said that she was the personification of Jesus Christ.

It is given to one in a million to serve the poor and the lowly. The most revered Mother Teresa did service to God by serving his children. When she died dignitaries and representatives of various Governments took part in her funeral service. Mother Teresa was indeed a divine mother to the suffering millions of India. She chose India as her centre of activity and from India she did worldwide service. It may be said that the two great personalities who have left a deep impact on this century were Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi.


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