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Especially in the evenings the public parks are a great source of delight to the children and the adults. Those living near the parks can bring their children and allow them to play and enjoy the pleasant breeze and spend their time happily.

The importance of the public parks is being realised nowadays more and more. More and more public parks are being established in places set apart for them. The public parks are meant for entertainment for the children. In every area nowadays, in every suburb of Chennai, there are parks and parks.

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There are see-saws, there are small merry-go-rounds, there are slides, there are swings and there are trees all around even in a small park. Children come to the various parks and play for an hour or two. Adults take a walk around the park. There are many small parks in every area. There are big parks in Tanager in Chennai. The Panama Park is the biggest park in Tanager.

The Antisana Park in T. Nagar is also a big park. The Napier Park near the Hindu Office, the Nagaswaram Rao Park in Millipore, the Richards Park in Said pet, the Thira Vi.

Ka Park in Shiny Nagar is some of the famous parks in Chennai. Persons who daily take a walk in the evening and morning come to these parks and go round them several times. The big parks sometimes serve as venues for public meetings.

Sometime ago there was a news item in the newspapers that in the Thira Vi. Ka. Park in Shiny Nagar, ‘Thirukkural’, the immortal work of Thiruvalluvar, is taught to the regular visitors to the park. Many may know that ‘Thirukkural’ is one of the most translated works in the world.

The public parks are places of recreation for the children, are places where old persons can meet and discuss social affairs and can take rest. Parks hold a vital place in this world of restlessness.


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