Getting homes have no proper ventilation, no

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Getting shelter is another big problem.

The city is densely populated. A big portion of the population belongs to the migrants. Everyday a large number of people migrate to Delhi in search of employment. This creates big problem of shelter. They have to look for rented accommodation. Rents are so high that it becomes very difficult for the middle income group people to have a home with required basic necessities. People who don’t have good incomes are compelled to live in dingy houses where nights and days are the same. The homes have no proper ventilation, no source of light either.

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Naturally, it has a negative impact on the health of the dwellers. Overcrowding is a big problem in Delhi. Water is a commodity which calls for great efforts to get. The problem becomes severe during summer. Power cut is another problem which causes concern for the people of the city. People do not feel secure in Delhi. Incidences of crime and murder are frequent in Delhi. Women are not safe.

Incidences of road rage are common. Ever increasing population is the root cause of this problem. This population adds to the existing infrastructure of the city. The rising number of vehicles, growing industrialisation and urbanisation has alarmingly raised the pollution level. Fresh air has become a rare commodity. There is crowd everywhere.

It is difficult to find space in the city. Whether it is bank, post office, market or anywhere, there is rushing everywhere. So, the government should introduce the policy which could contain the problem of migration. Social life is completely absent in our society. People do not have time to meet and greet. Everyone is busy. People are chasing after their targets.

They are in mad race. They are running after material gains. People don’t know those who live in their neighborhood. Children and elderly people are the worst affected. Children have to spend their childhood in creches. Both the parents are working.

When they return home they are already so tired that they are unable to attend their children properly. There is emotional void in their life which has a bearing on their personality. Thus, there are varied problems that the people in Delhi have to face. All these combine to adversely affect the life of the people.


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