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It may be argued that even a person given to sinful ways has self-confidence.

Sometimes a liar escapes detection, for, he has the supreme self-confidence to assert himself and fool others. Even a famous politician, who is in the highest state of social life, hoodwinks people by misusing his influence and power. He has extreme self-confidence and he is able to beguile others.

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Truthfulness, honesty, patience, compassion, love etc. are positive qualities while anger, deception, dishonesty, untruthfulness ex. are negative qualities. We should avoid negative qualities and develop positive qualities. Self-confidence is one of the priceless positive qualities. Swami Vivekananda, the great Hindu monk, was not one who spoke only of God and his supernatural powers. His teachings are applicable to us in our practical lives. He once said, ‘Get me a hundred youngsters stout of heart and sturdy and I will change the whole India’.

He believed in the power of the youth to change India from a backward nation to a progressive nation. The character of all of us matters a great deal in the improvement of our nation. A self-confident person, a person of great foresight, can bring about remarkable changes in him, in others, in the nation. Swami Vivekananda said ‘Atheism is not disbelief in God but disbelief in you?’ What a thought-provoking statement! If you believe in yourself, if you believe that you can bring about changes in your family, you can do it. You will be able to convince others who oppose you. You will make others listen to you though they may try to outwit you. If others come to know that you are self-confident, that you believe in what is good for yourself and for others, you can do miracles. This is the truth of truths.

Men of great self-confidence are so resolute that it is difficult to make them change their opinions. Mahatma Gandhi was a leader of unmatched self-confidence, for he believed in himself. The belief in himself changed him into a great force.

His call to people made them obey him. His call sent waves of an electrifying inspiration to his people. They knew that their leader was an embodiment of sincerity and honesty. They knew that if they followed in his footsteps they would benefit a great deal. Just because they listened to their master’s call the British imperialists were afraid of the massive force behind the Mahatma, the freedom m-fighter. Gandhiji released the enslaved people from the shackles of the British.

Mahatma was one of the greatest humanitarians in recent time. His fight for social justice began a new era in the history of India and the world. He was a supreme force; he was an example to many great leaders in the world, for, his self-confidence made him rise to world stature. Be self- confident and you will become a great force. But it should be borne in mind that your self-confidence should be used for your good and for others’ good.


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