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We should get up early in the morning, do some exercises and keep ourselves trim, study the lessons of the day, help our parents in the household work.

We should go to school well in advance before the school bell rings. We should be attentive to the lectures of our teachers and should impress them as knowledgeable and obedient students. If our teachers say something encouraging about us we will have the stimulus to put more efforts in our studies, to behave better and better. Our nation is often caught in a crisis as people become unruly and fight among themselves. We are the future citizens of India. From our young age we should train ourselves to be the ideal citizens of our nation.

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It is said that the people of a nation are its wealth. It is the citizens of a country who are responsible for its growth and prosperity. We build up our nation and we should be strong physically and mentally.

Discipline, hard-work and perseverance make us complete human beings. Let us take a vow that we will be dutiful, honorable citizens. The bright future of India depends on its enthusiastic, disciplined, hard-working youngsters. The responsibility of shaping the future India has been entrusted to the youngsters.


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