Pollute pollute the atmosphere. The environmentalists say

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Pollute one of our environment occurs in many ways. The rivers are polluted by the effluents from the factories on their banks. The highly poisonous effluents and drainage water mix with the rivers and make them polluted. The Ganges, considered as very sacred, is highly polluted.

Burning corpses are let into it and drainage water mixes with it in many places. The Calvary and the Kampala rivers in Karnataka are said to contain metallic chemicals and people who bathe in them develop skin diseases. If drinking water is polluted by the toxic wastes it is highly dangerous to health. Sometimes drainage water mixes with the drinking water and it causes great harm to the people. The emission of various kinds of gases in the air by the chemical factories is another kind of pollution. The gases mix with the air and when people who reside near the factories breathe them they develop chest diseases.

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The textile mills, the chemical factories and various types of vehicles emit into the air fumes of sculpture and some acids. Fossil-fuel based industries pollute the atmosphere. The environmentalists say that the air of the cities is highly polluted. Loud noises also pollute the air and affect our ear drums. The noise caused by the blaring television sets, the radios, the aeroplanes and the helicopters are also a kind of pollution of the air. The increase of carbon dioxide in the air is the result of the thoughtless felling of trees. It is foreseen by the scientists that the temperature of the world will raise by at least five degrees centigrade in the future.

The forest cover plays a major role in causing rainfall. Because of the increase of the gaseous compounds like hydrogen, chloride and fluoride, the ozone layer in the atmosphere gets depleted. As a result of the depletion of the ozone layer the world will become hotter and hotter.


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