There every religion, sect, area, sex and culture.

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There are different climates in India. Food habits are different, crops are different and there is a difference in faiths and beliefs. People wear different dresses.

Even the Indian customs and conventions are vast and varied. The people pursue different sects and religions. There is difference even in the lands. The northern area is very fertile. There are hills and mountain ranges. In South there are barren lands and plateaus.

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The geographical features are different. Even the fertility and nature of soil are varied. Different crops are produced in different parts of the country. The taste and temperament, colour, features are all different. There are fanatic people who create communal disturbances in the name of religion. Casteism and provincialism are also rampant in our society.

Sectarianism and communalism disrupt our social harmony. Sometimes, the separatist forces emerge. Such forces lead to the creation of many states on the basis of language formula. However, the people all over India hold similar outlook and moral values. In spite of all the diversity of culture, India stands united.

It is because our Constitution was so designed as to give equal rights to people of every religion, sect, area, sex and culture. The people of India enjoy freedom of thought and expression and show reverence for every faith. An awareness of common nationality is well developed in the minds of the people. National integration is essentially needed to keep India alive.

We cannot allow disintegration of any kind. It is our prestige. There are forces now that resort to communalism, provincialism and parochialism. They have their vested interests. They do not stand for India. They want it to disintegrate. They are tools in the hands of some foreign elements.

They want to weaken the country. We need to be vigilant against those forces. We should crush them in the beginning. We should work towards strengthening national integration and promote a feeling of goodwill and mutual trust among the masses. The politicians should not be allowed to fan communal feelings to secure vote bank. There should be equal distribution of benefits of development.

These should reach the lower strata of society. We should work towards inclusive growth. Nobody should feel ignored and isolated.


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