Internet the US Department of Defense. In the

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Internet operations first started in 1986 by the US Department of Defense.

In the beginning it was connected through cable networks. These networks also used satellites for transmission of data to far off places. Then the American universities joined the Internet operations. However, the main system which is called servers was located in the USA. Now the IT revolution has brought the Internet to the far- off places.

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It is now a global phenomenon. A common man has accessibility to Internet. The cyber cafes have contributed a lot to the spread of this technology to the remotest areas. Every student can access Internet through his system sitting in his room with the help of a telephone line and a modem. In the beginning the Internet service was provided by only a few companies but now many companies—private and government—are active in the field.

These companies are known as Internet Service Provider (ISP). One of the wonderful gifts of Internet is the e-mail. It is an exciting mode of communication. We can send an e-mail to any corner of the world sitting in a room. The message is conveyed at the click of the mouse to the person sitting at far off place.

It is one of the cheapest means of communication. Per page e-mail costs merely 30 to 50 paise. Finance is not a problem for communication through Internet. A person only needs to be techno-savvy. One of the greatest benefits of computer is that we can collect any sort of information through Internet. This information could be in the field of education, business, literature, computers, business, entertainment, etc.

Internet is of great help in carrying out business activities. What happens in Dow Jones or in Japanese Share Market has a direct or indirect bearing on business activities in other parts of the world. It is Internet which provides all the necessary details instantly. Today all the major newspapers, magazines and journals have their editions available on Internet. A student need not be worried about for the in availability of these magazines, newspapers and journals. Even the news bulletins of different broadcasting services are available on Internet. A person who does not find time to listen to or witness the various radio or television networks can have these available during the time when he finds comfortable to.

Even Doordarshan programmes are available on this information superhighway. Thus, there are endless and limitless possibilities and potentialities available on Internet. But some people use Internet to serve their mischievous intentions.

They waste time in sending false or wrong e-mails to others. Some indulge in viewing the websites which are not meant for them. This is not good for the students. Internet should be used for constructive purposes and its negative use should be checked.


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