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The youth should again and again be warned that they should not stray away from the portals of their educational institutions and that if they trespass into the dangerous territory of politics they will get lost.

Nowadays there are political wings even in schools and colleges. When elections to the students’ associations are held political ideologies play a great role. Some students support one political party and some others support another political party.

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Thus the election of office-bearers to the students’ associations is done on the basis of political ideologies. This is very deplorable. It is generally said that most of the politicians work with the aim of making themselves influential.

They do not care whether they are righteous and principled. Students should not follow in their footsteps. Some students may have a political background as their father or some relatives may be engaged in politics. But they should not enter politics even when they are students.

Students and politics are poles apart. Politics poisons the young, impressionable minds. Unless students are disciplined and concentrate on their studies they cannot score good marks in their examinations and pursue higher education. Getting good jobs and earning well should be the motto of every student.

Politics is full of ups and downs. Even the experienced politicians meet with failures. What about the inexperienced, immature students? ‘Keep away from politics’ is the best advice to the students. The students may not know what lies ahead if they enter politics.

Politics is a field of slippery ground. So, it is good to tell the young students to be students first and foremost while studying in schools or colleges.


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