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The entire tent was beautifully decorated with electric lights. A band was playing outside to attract the visitors. Seating arrangements were made in huge circular row in an open space. The entire ground was heavily crowded with men, women, and children. Children were particularly enjoying the show. We took our seat in the third row. The bell rang exactly at 7.30 p.m. The show started with the folk dance of Manipuri girls. The dance was brilliant. All the spectators enjoyed the show. During the show, the band continued to play all along. The entire atmosphere was delighting.

After this, a group of three girls appeared. Their athletic feats filled the spectators with wonder. The girls twisted their bodies at all angles and in all directions, putting their head through the legs and bending the back. Their agility was worth- seeing.

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The next show was of gymnasts, who showed wonderful feats on horizontal bars. We were stunned to see their swift jump from one bar to other. Besides, their swing around the bar was very skillful. Sometimes they shot straight from the first to the fourth bar.

Next appeared the aerobat and rope-dancers. We held our breath when a young man danced high up in the air maintaining his balance on the rope. This was followed by a thin lady who with an umbrella in her hand walked from one end of the rope to the other. All the time a clown kept on entertaining the spectators with his jokes. He was so funny that all the spectators burst into laughter.

Six horses followed it. Six men clad in bright uniforms rode on their backs. The band played a dance tune. The horses started galloping round in tune to the music of the band. As they galloped the riders jumped from one horse to another. Then the riders stood up on the horses and the latter started galloping in a circle again. There was a thunderous clapping from the spectators.

Three elephants were bought next. They entertained the spectators with their funny tricks. They rolled a log of wood backward and forward. They danced standing on their hind legs. After this one of them sat down on a tub and read a book. Other elephants presented a brilliant cycling show.

The show of performing dog was equally amazing. It climbed a high ladder and jumped from its top into a tub full of water. It drove a cart. It was followed by the lion-tamer and three lions. The tamer had a whip in his hands. The lions obeyed all his commands. The sight of lions filled us with awe and cheers.

The show ended at 10 p.m. We enjoyed the show greatly. We returned home happily.


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