Discipline which pertains to the mind and

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Discipline is not only essential for an individual’s personal success, but also for a nation’s success. Those nations which do not observe discipline can make no progress and may even lose their freedom. Countries like Japan, Germany, and U.

S.A China have made tremendous progress only through observance of discipline. A nation’s disci­pline has not only to be social and political in the form of hard and honest work by its citizens and leaders alike, but also fiscal and economic in the form of discarding wastage and lavish spending. Having patriotic thoughts and doing patriotic deeds for the defence and progress of a nation is a part of discipline. Even population cannot be con­trolled without self-discipline by the citi­zens. It is said that discipline is unavoidable for every nation. All nations which do not or cannot observe internal discipline will ulti­mately be ruled by some external power which is capable of enforcing discipline.

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This is what we have been observing all along in history. Discipline, as for a nation, is of two types for an individual. The external disci­pline is observable in the form of obedience to superiors like parents, teachers, bosses etc.

and in strict adherence to work for excellent results in our mundane activities. But there is also an inner and higher disci­pline which pertains to the mind and the soul. This consists in sticking to high char­acter, high ideals, truth and honesty in the face of all temptations, allurements and coercions. One has to be a man of principle and a man of word.

In such cases, one may have to face many privations, tortures and desertion and opposition by sometimes even the near and dear ones. This spiritual disci­pline has been observed most consummately only by the greatest messiahs of humanity who are the eternal beacon-lights to guide man’s destiny.


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