Today, have been tamed and dams have

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Today, we have a variety of means of entertainment and information. Radio, cinema, television, etc. are popular means of mass communication. They both educate and entertain us.

Science has enabled us to conquer nature. With the help of science, man can cause artificial rain. Science has helped us to fathom the sea. Rivers have been tamed and dams have been built. It has done many good to mankind. On the one hand, it has contributed to power generation, on the other it has provided irrigation facilities to the farmers leading to the increased productivity. Science has given us computer and internet. We can have accessibility to any sort of information at the press of the key.

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A man sitting in America can have information about India within a few seconds. Science has helped us to conquer many deadly diseases. Diseases like tuberculosis and cancer are no longer considered dangerous and incurable. Operations are performed in a painless way. The discovery of X-ray has helped in diagnosis of a disease and in locating an injury or fracture. Electric shocks are a great boon to surgery. In addition, new ultra scanning and plastic surgery are the wonders of science in the field of medicine.

But every silver cloud has a dark lining. Science is both constructive and destructive. It has given nuclear bomb, hydrogen bomb, fighter plane, sophisticated assault guns, pistols and rifles. Laser bombs, missiles and rockets can cause destruction and damage at a distant place.

Thus, science has created as well as annihilated. It is an instrument which needs to be used with rationality. It is a blessing so long as it is used with care and caution. It depends on us how we use it.


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