A victory is in sight. A student who

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A student may fail this year and the next year he may pass with distinction, he may come out as a student who has scored the highest marks in some subjects. The learned people say that we should be stout-hearted. If you are brave and hopeful you will not stop working and you work till victory is in sight. A student who played volleyball suddenly met with an accident and lost one of his legs.

He and his playmates used to play near a railway track. A train was running at great speed. The volleyball suddenly fell near the track. Not noticing a train coming near him he picked up the ball from the track. Just when he picked up the ball the train ran over one of his legs and cut it into two. The young student writhed in pain and blood from his leg flowed profusely. He was immediately taken to hospital. His leg was amputated.

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His interest in the volleyball game was so intense that he could not stop playing. He had rest for a year or two. Again he started playing despite his handicap. He had an artificial leg. He took part in the interschool, intercollegiate and the national championships. He even took part in the international sports events.

He became one of the best players. He was so famous that his photograph finds a place in the hall of fame of the volleyball players. This is an amazing success story. Students should remember this story whenever they fail in an examination. Failure is the stepping-stone to success.


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