506 words essay on the Value of Good Health

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We all are quite familiar with the famous lines of Alexander Pope, “Early to bed and early to rise/ Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise/ Health, wealth, fame and power/ these four are the blessings of life.” Good health depends on various factors like personal, social. etc. It requires a certain amount of discipline to maintain health.

Nutritious food plays a very important role. Cleanliness is another major factor responsible for good health. We should always take nutritious food. We should keep fast food at bay. Fast food is rich in taste but short in nutritive value. We should always clean our hands before eating. We should avoid eating outside. If we have to eat, we should check for the cleanliness.

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Our brilliance and sharpness is closely linked to good health. It is an old saying, “Sound mind in a sound body.” It means that when the body is healthy, the mind is healthy. A sack body cannot have healthy mind. The attitude of such People to life is also gloomy. They have a negative approach to it. Nothing seems to attract them. On the other hand, a healthy man has a completely changed outlook. He enjoys each and every thing. He enjoys the every moment of his life.

He can work longer hours without feeling tired and exhausted. A wealthy man with poor health cannot enjoy his life. All this wealth is useless for him. Money can buy all the luxuries and amenities but cannot buy happiness and pleasure. He has all the luxuries available, but can enjoy nothing. He cannot enjoy good food. He spends his life under many precautions and preventions. He cannot enjoy even sound sleep. But a poor man with good health lives a better life. He has all the pleasures. He can eat whatever he likes. Thus a poor man with good health has a more enjoying life than a rich but sick man. It has been rightly said ‘health is wealth’.

So we should be well aware of our health. Exercise has a prominent role to play. We should take exercise daily. It keeps us fit and healthy. It refreshes us. Exercise increases our blood circulation and gives us energy and strength. All exercises are good for health. We can choose any of them as per our suitability. Balancing one’s hours of sleep and rest also contributes to good health. We should guard ourselves against those things which are injurious to health.

To enjoy good health we should cultivate good habits and maintain discipline. Only then we will be able to enjoy the pleasures of life. Undoubtedly good health is very important. It is a blessing indeed.


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