In family living in the next apartment may

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In the USA and some other countries people are quite conscious of their rights and do not hesitate to assert their rights. If in an apartment someone lets the TV or the radio blare the family living in the next apartment may lodge a complaint with the police that their neighbor is causing nuisance. There was a news item in the newspapers. A woman was sitting next to a very bulky man in a plane. The bulky man often stretched his hands and legs and the woman in the next seat could not sit comfortably. She felt very much annoyed.

She was grumbling and once or twice told the bulky man that he often happened to touch her hands and legs. The bulky man was roguish. He shouted at the woman and asked her to be polite. The woman got angry. As soon as she landed from the plane she lodged a complaint with the police against the management of the plane service that she was teased by a bulky man in the next seat and claimed compensation for the poor service in the plane.

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It is said that the women in the police custody are being sexually abused. The women do not protest. The police violate the basic human rights. The bonded labor system, the system of keeping some labourers as slaves for a lifetime, just because they got a heavy amount as loan from their employer, violates the basic human rights. Now and then the Government takes steps to free the bonded labourers from their cruel master. The bonded labor system is in practice in the remote mountainous areas or in some villages.

In this age of democracy each one should respect others’ rights. Social justice is the rule of the day.


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