2. more familiar. 5. It belongs to facts

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2. An explanation of a word may include both definition and illustration. 3. It admits of an unlimited scope for diffuseness on the part of the explainer. 4. Explanation is a more popular process, consisting in bringing home something to the understanding of nature difficult to comprehend, by the media of other things with which the mind of the person is more familiar. 5.

It belongs to facts and statements.

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1. A definition is specific or precise. 2. The definition of a word or term defines or limits the extent of its significance.

3. It admits of no more words than will include the leading features in the meaning of any term. 4. Locke explains: “Definition being nothing but making another understand by words what idea the term defined stands for, a definition is best made by enumerating those simple ideas that are combined in the signification of the term defined.” 5. Definition belongs to words and ideas.


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