5 Important Aims of Education as Advocated by Different Naturalist

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His main instincts are the guiding force and the basis all human conduct. It is. Therefore, that the aim of education should be the re-direction and sublimation of these instincts, towards socially useful work. Fulfilment of individual and social needs through nature is the main aim of education.

3. Struggle for Existence:

Education must equip the individual to struggle for existence and ensure his survival. It should help children to adjust themselves, physically and mentally to their environment and to the changing circumstances of life.

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4. Education according to Nature:

Education should not only be according to physical nature but also in accordance with the nature of the child. In other words, it should be according to the child’s tendencies, capacities, instincts, likes and dislikes. The pressure on physical nature supplies the laws of learning. It urges that while educating the child his whole nature should be kept in view. Education and school aim at providing full opportunity for the development of natural endowments of the child.

5. Perfect Development of Individuality:

According to some naturalists, perfect development of individuality is a supreme aim of education. “The proper goal of human life is perfection of the individual. The machinery of society and all the tradition of human achievement and culture, are to be valued only, is so far as they, conduce towards this perfection.” Education should aim at developing the child into a joyous, rational, balanced useful and mature person.

Thus we see that naturalism does not satisfy as much as for our aims of education are concerned, although some of the educational aims, as discussed above, are particularly associated with naturalism. It does not lay down higher and nobler aims of education. It ignores the spiritual side of the child’s personality by omitting the development of his will, conscience and morality.


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