National a particular sector like agriculture, industry

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National plans for HR forecast the demand and supply of human resources at the national level. It also plans for occupational distribution, sectoral and regional allocation of human resources. 2.

HRP at the Sectoral Level:HRP at the sectoral level helps to plan for a particular sector like agriculture, industry etc. It helps the government to allocate its resources to the various sectors depending upon the priority accorded to the particular sector. 3. HRP at the Industry Level:HRP at the industry level takes into account the output/ operational level of that particular industry when manpower needs are considered. 4. HRP at the Unit Level:HR Planning at the company level is based on the estimation of human resource needs of the particular company in question. It is based on the business plan of the company. A manpower plan helps to avoid the sudden disruption of the company’s production since it indicates shortages of particular types of personnel, if any, in advance, thus enabling management to adopt suitable strategies to cope with the situation.

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5. HRP at the Departmental Level:HRP at the departmental level looks at the manpower needs of a particular department in an organisation.


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