No candidates of the backward classes to join

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No one is really backward because of his birth but politicians perpetuate the distinctions among people. They have vested interests because they can make promises to the backward and the most backward classes that they will work for their upliftment and get votes from them during the elections. This is the real situation. But the backward classes who have been labeled backward by the Government have to be given certain concessions for coming up in life. The Government is deeply concerned with the issue of making the backward classes forward in the course of time by making them educated and by offering them good employment opportunities.

This will undoubtedly lead to a social revolution. If social justice has to be done to the people of the backward classes they have to be given special concessions in the educational and job opportunities. Otherwise, they will remain where they are, at the bottom of the society. So the Government stipulated in the Constitution that a quota of seats in the educational institutions and a certain percentage of jobs should be set aside for them. The quota system for the candidates belonging to the scheduled tribes and the scheduled castes, the backward classes and the most backward classes in the educational institutions, especially, in the technical and medical colleges, was introduced. The quota system became quite necessary in the absence of initiative on the part of the candidates of the backward classes to join the educational institutions, study and come up in life.

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The Government thought that if it gave encouragement and support to the backward classes by introducing the quota or reservation system in the technical and the medical colleges they may be enthusiastic to study and seek jobs. The reservation system has been in existence for some years. It is a generous gesture on the part of the Government. The backward classes availing themselves of die opportunities provided to them by the State and the Central Governments, should study well, seek good jobs and earn well.

Then they will form part of the forward classes. India is a developing nation and it will soon become a developed nation. It has already made tremendous progress in the scientific and technical fields.

There will soon come a time when there will be all-round educational improvement, when the employment problem will be solved satisfactorily.


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