He matter that I have only one leg.

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He saw a film in which the famous cine star, Kamala Has an, superbly danced. Kamala has an is not only an excellent actor, but also a dancer, a poet. His dance in the film inspired the depressed youth. ‘Why can’t I dance like him? It does not matter that I have only one leg. I shall learn dancing and dance like Kamala Has an,’ he told himself.

He learnt dancing for some years. In the initial stages he should have found it difficult to carry out the intricate, delicate movements of a dancer. A dancer’s legs and hands should do extraordinary feats. The gestures of the face should be an evocative language. Instead of with two legs he did the extraordinary feat of dancing with one leg. The world was lost in wonder. What a miracle he did! He could execute fast movements as easily as a normal man. He was invited to give dance performances in many towns and cities.

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He gave hundreds of performances to the wonder and delight of the audience. The ever-recurring sweet sounds of the anklets in his ankle still echo in the viewers’ hearts. It was a delight to watch him.

He gave up despair; he worked hard and achieved success. He is now a youngster full of satisfaction that he has achieved something great. Let his enthusiasm inspire all the youngsters. Have you heard of Helen Keller, a great authoress, who was blind? She could achieve success as an extraordinary writer just because she was resolute, she was highly ambitious, and she wanted to leave her imprints on the sands of time. And she did rise to great fame and her achievement was no mean achievement. Her teacher who taught her was very patient with her.

When Keller was not able to understand what the teacher taught her she used to cry and make all sorts of gesticulations which expressed her agony and frustration. As a handicapped person she could not suppress her overwhelming feelings. She cried, sobbed and she was uncontrollably sad.

Her teacher worked with her tirelessly and Keller became more and more knowledgeable. She became proficient enough to write books. Is not this remarkable success story inspiring? There is nothing impossible for a person of determination. In our own time there is a remarkable violinist who is totally blind. He learnt to play the violin. Now he is acclaimed as a great violinist.

His perseverance, his determination, made him succeed.


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