The the competitors. The ball was passed

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The match started at 2 p.

m. It was brisk from the very beginning. The D.A.V. School was trying to score a goal but the Modern School was quick in service and every time it foiled the attempts of the D.

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A.V. School. Though they made many brilliant shorts but failed to score.

The centre forward of the D.A.V. was moving at an amazing speed. But he was checked by the full backs of the competitors.

The ball was passed among them like a shuttlecock. Despite brilliant moves, the players could not score a goal in first half of the game. It ended eventless. After the break, the teams changed their sides. They also changed their strategies.

They were all the more tactful in the second half. During the time the D.A.V. School, however, first tasted success by scoring a goal. There were shouts of joy among the supporters.

Sticks were waved in the airs as a sign to accept their applaud. But within a couple of minutes, Modern School, Barakhamba scored a goal. The spectators enjoyed the goal with big shouts. For some time, Modern School, Barakhamba got a control over the match.

Modern School rushed forward. Their defense line was very strong. But the goalkeeper of the rival team was very strong and active. He checked the ball and failed their attempts.

The match had turned interesting. The match had entered its last moment. Each side tried to win the match but in vain. The referee blew the whistle and the match was declared over. As per rule they were given extra time to play. Each team put their all to score a goal.

But again their attempts failed to meet any success. Thus, the match ended in a draw. It was a well fought match. Both the teams struggled to the end. It added to the thrill of match.


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