A farmer’s life becomes all the more

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A farmer’s life becomes all the more pitiable when his crops fail. Since the farmers are poor, they borrow huge money from the money-lenders at high interest. He hopes to pay back the money earned from his crops. In case of crops failure, he becomes hopeless. It becomes difficult for him to pay back the money. Sometimes he takes the drastic step of suicide. The news of farmers’ suicide has been a raging issue during recent years.

Many times farmers involve their small children in petty works to earn a little money. This is an important cause of child labour. A farmer has little money to educate his children. He barely manages his both ends.

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A farmer is generally poor and illiterate. His children also remain poor and uneducated. His life is caught in a vicious cycle of poverty. It goes on from generation to generation. Since the Indian farmer is generally uneducated, he is unaware of technological advancements and scientific development.

He is unfamiliar with the latest technology and equipments developed in the field of agriculture. He makes use of generation-old methods and techniques in farming. He is ignorant of the programmes and policies of government which are meant to bring relief and comfort in his life. Due to his ignorance he fails to reap the benefits of those programmes and policies. His ignorance becomes the cause of his victimization either at the hands of money-lenders or Nature. Thus, a farmer is the backbone of agriculture. We need to be sensitive towards him.

The governmental and non-governmental organizations should come forward and make him aware of the latest technologies, programmes and policies. His prosperity means prosperity of the nation.


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