Who ideal citizen pays his taxes regularly. He

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Who lives if India dies? Who dies if India lives? Thus an ideal citizen is a patriot to the backbone. He lives and dies for the country.

But he does not believe in narrow chauvin­ism, nor does he hate the people of other countries. He believes in the policy of “Live and let live” and scorns imperialism. He applies the same principle to his neighbors whom he loves and helps in time of need. He has malice towards none. Jealousy, trickery, leg-pulling, back-biting are unknown to him. An ideal citizen knows that the effi­ciency of the government depends, inter alias, on the availability of funds which it can utilize for welfare and constructive works. The greatest source of funds to a government is the regular payment of taxes by the citi­zens. Hence an ideal citizen pays his taxes regularly.

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He never hides his income. His business transactions are neat and clean and he does not believe in evasion of sales tax, excise, octopi etc. He abhors such practices as adulteration, corruption, nepotism, black-marketing, smuggling, terrorism, communalism, provincialism etc. Besides himself being on the right track, he encourages and inspires others to shun all malpractices.

He helps the government and the police in tracking down anti-social elements and in furthering the causes of national integration and maintenance of law and order. An ideal citizen has a high civic sense. He does not believe in wastage and luxurious life. Simplicity is the hall-mark of his life.

He is very considerate to his children, parents and companions. He has a high sense of duty. He is not a shirker. He is not addicted to any evil habits like drinking, smoking, drug-taking etc. An ideal citizen believes in the demo­cratic process. He casts his vote judiciously, fearlessly and without any temptation. He also takes care of personal hygiene, health and nutrition.

He himself pursues his stud­ies studiously and tries to spread the light of education all around. To maintain his good health, he takes all the necessary steps like walking, taking regular exercise, taking part in games etc. He makes all out efforts to eradicate the evils of dowry system, child marriage etc. from the society. He asks not what the country has done for him but only what he can do for his country.

In fact, he is an asset to the country, a beacon’s light to other citizens. The country is rightly proud of him.


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