First are no good doctors in villages.

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First of all, I would spend a big portion of the money to have all the luxuries of life. I have great attraction for a luxurious life since my childhood. I shall purchase a big car to have a round of the world. I have a great desire to take flight to different corners of the world. I shall visit great tourist spots along with my parents. I am a shopaholic.

I am immensely attracted towards the electronic gadgets. I will do enough shopping for myself and my friends and other family members. India is a poor country. About one-fourth of its population still lives below poverty line. A big portion of them do not have access to education. Potable drinking water is a big challenge for many people living in remotely backward areas. Women have to travel miles to get potable water.

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There are lots of people who have to spend nights on pavement. They have no shelter. A large number of people have to die for want of medical treatment. There are no good doctors in villages.

I will spend the whole money for the welfare of these people. I will open schools in remotely backward areas. I will make arrangement to ensure the availability of drinking water for those it is a rare commodity. I shall open up dispensaries.

I will hire good qualified doctors to make good medical treatment available to them. The dispensaries will be well- equipped with latest medical technologies. I will open homes for shelter less. Unemployment is a big problem in villages.

I will provide financial help to the employed so that they may start their own business. I shall open up schools in villages. Though the government is doing a lot in this field. But still much remain to be done. My efforts will be a small contribution in this regard. It will give me an inner pleasure.

This pleasure is far more satisfying than those which we buy with money.


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