The Tricky to attend my brother’s marriage

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The art of writing letters is not a difficult art at all. The habit of writing letters makes one a good letter-writer. But in the beginning youngsters may find it difficult to write a letter to their relatives, to the school authorities for leave of absence or to a Government institution for a license or permit. Let us see how to write a letter to your class teacher for leave of absence for four days.

The Class Teacher Eighth Standard T.M.S.

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School 15, South Made Street Guduvancheri. 16th Oct. 2006 Sir, As I have to go to Tricky to attend my brother’s marriage on the 18th instant I request you to grant me leave of absence from 17th October to 20th October. Thank you, Yours obediently, (Sad) S. Shankar Now let us see how to write a letter to an uncle living abroad. Mr. Kuppusamy 24, Hunter Square San Jose California -32186 USA.

Date Dear uncle, It is some time since we received a letter from you. I think of you now and then. But for your coaching for my examinations for the tenth standard I would have found it difficult to score good marks. It is only six months since you left India, but we feel that you have been absent from us for a long time. I am going to buy a computer soon.

Then, it will be easy for me to send you e-mails often. Father, mother and sister are okay. I hope you are enjoying your stay in the US.

Please write to us soon. Wish you all the best. Yours affectionately (sad).



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