In two teachers, each one teaching a group

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In the village I saw the primary school. I was surprised at the sight of school.

It merely consisted of a two-room buildings. There were around thirty children sitting on coir mat. There were two teachers, each one teaching a group of fifteen, twenty children. The children were writing on the wooden plates called tektites.

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There was dullness and silence all around. I could hear no noise except the scream of children and the barking of dogs. However, there was occasional hoarse crying of vendors that one can hear in the village. There were no shops, hospitals, cinema halls, post offices, banks in the village. People have to move two kilometers to buy things of day-to-day need. Due to lack of hospitals, some times the villagers have to meet untimely death. They cannot get immediate emergency treatment there.

There is no cinema hall. It is only through the cable network that they can see a movie otherwise they have to travel six kilometers to have a show of movie. Power cut is an important feature of Indian village.

I stayed for two days in our village, the second day was very boring. So long I was among the relatives, I felt good. I returned to my city the third day. But while returning I took a resolve to work for the improvement in the life of the villagers, as I grow up.


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