When from inadequate water supply. The cultivated fields

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When summer is quite severe sometimes what was once a large reservoir of water shrinks to a pool. Both human beings and animals suffer for want of water.

If it rains it rains and rains and there is a flood. Houses built of thatch are submerged in the water. The cultivated crops under deep water rot and perish.

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When there is inadequate yield of crops there is famine. Rice, wheat, raga and sugar cane are scarce. In fact there is scarcity of every type of grain. There are two extremes in India. The nation goes without water or there is heavy rain resulting in flood. While the north suffers from flood sometimes, sometimes the south suffers from inadequate water supply. The cultivated fields do not have enough water and the yield of crops is inadequate.

People suffer without enough drinking water. If the northern and the southern rivers can be linked there will be perennial water supply to all the States. First the rivers in the south have to be linked and then the rivers in the north have to be linked. Then both the southern and the northern rivers have to be linked. This is a colossal project. This project involves cores of rupees. Even if the project of linking the rivers is taken up this year it will take several years for the project to be completed.

The project may need a huge financial outlay. There may be engineering problems in the linking of rivers as there may be vast level variations between one river and another. It will be a great engineering feat if the rivers in India are linked.


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