Obviously, number of people do not know

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Obviously, it has led to the spread of fashion, incidence of violence, killing, hijacking, and other crimes. Very often we come to learn from the newspapers that particular crimes were committed being motivated from the programmes of TV. It is a common observation that children enact the advertisements and emulate some of the popular characters. A few years back many children lost their lives emulating Shaktiman in TV serial. With the advent of foreign media in India, there is a spark in the craze for fashion and incidence of childhood. The youth and the children chose TV actors and models as their role models.

They follow their style and habit. The dresses which are worn by the actors, actress and models are blindly followed by the youth. The hair-style of actors has been very popular among the youth. In a country like India where a large number of people do not know how to read and write, a visual medium like television has unlimited possibilities. Something learnt through a visual medium has a lasting impression on the mind.

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Various things like improved techniques of education, lesson on health and hygiene, history and geography can be taught more impressively through television. Television can be of great help to create awareness in the masses. In fact, the impact of television can be seen in increasing awareness of the people about socio-economic or political situation of the country. Thus, television holds powerful appeal in a country like India. It can be gainfully utilized for the purpose of education. It not only caters to the amusements of the people but is an effective medium of education and instruction. They should try to exploit the potentialities of the television for the larger benefit of society.


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