Last sell their wares. Some were selling books

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Last Sunday, I happened to go to the railway station to receive my brother who was coming from Mumbai. I reached a little earlier. I had time to observe closely the scene at a railway station. When I reached the railway station there was a huge rush of people going into and coming out of the railway station. Since it was the occasion of Holi, the rush was somewhat unprecedented. Parking was full. I had to park my vehicle outside the station.

There was a long queue at the platform ticket window. After taking the ticket I rushed to the platform where I was surprised at the announcement that the train was late by an hour. I had no option but to wait for the train at station. Some people were walking at the platform. Some were reading newspaper. Some were looking for the books of their own choice at the railway book stall. Vendors were crying to sell their wares. Some were selling books and magazines.

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Many of them were selling snacks of different types. Coolies were carrying luggage from one place to another. When the train was about to enter the station people got ready to board on the train. There were noises and hustle all around. People were rushing here and there. Coolies were also active to take the luggage. When the train arrived, there was pushing and pulling.

Many passengers got down the train, several got into it. Hawkers also began to shout at the top of their voices. My brother got down the train. I met him. I was standing very close to his compartment. We hired a coolie. Then we came out of the station and left for our home.

Life at the railway station seems to move at a very quick pace. People move here and there checking up time of the arrival and departure of train. Hawkers are busy with their business. Railway coolies in their uniform were rushing with luggage here and there.

TTEs were also found moving with files and charts in their hands. Some had to give their charge to their colleagues, while several had to take charge for another journey. It is their routine work.

There are some emotional scenes at the station also. When the train whistles off the station, those who come to see off their relatives wave a good-bye to them. For many the parting is tearful. People who come to receive their kith and kin have a happy smiling face.


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