Mumbai is a big centre of trade

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Mumbai is a big centre of trade and commerce. People here are very sincere and hard working.

They go to their workplace in time and work with sincerity and devotion. Mumbai is a big centre of textile industry. During my visit I saw people working on loom. Even ladies and children were working. Mumbai has many tourist destinations. I along with my cousin visited Church Gate, Victoria Terminus, Juhu Beach, and many others. Beautiful buildings add to the beauty of the city.

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There are big shopping malls and shopping complexes in Mumbai. We did a lot of shopping there. Shopping itself is a big enjoyment. But there is an ugly face of Mumbai also. Mumbai has the biggest jhuggi in Asia. The people of low-income group live here. They live in wretched condition.

One day I happened to pass through the jhuggis. I was shocked to see the conditions in which they live. It was a little better than the animals. In a small dingy room, on an average four-six members live. They are not provided with the basic amenities of life. They do not have accessibility to proper education and health care facilities.

This depraved condition provide breeding ground for the emergence of anti-social elements. I stayed for fifteen days in Mumbai. Except a few experiences, my visit to Mumbai was a delightful experience. I still relish those memories.


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