The difficult to solve the population problem

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The population problem is the most puzzling social problem of the day. The increase in the population of our country year after year nullifies the economic growth of our country. For, the production capacity of our country is not proportionate to the fast developing population growth. For instance, if the production in the various sectors rises by 5% the population growth may be 30%.

There is always a vast gap between the increase in production and the increase in population. The Malthusian theory, a well-known economic theory, states that the population grows in a geometric progression. In other words population grows at the rate of 1, 3, 9, 27, and 81 and so on. Production in every field grows in the arithmetic progression, i.e. as 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

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Unless production keeps pace with the population growth it is not possible to find a square meal for everyone. Production cannot be increased many times every year. This is simply impossible. China was the most populous country and China’s economy was weak. But now it has taken effective methods to control the population. ‘The one-child norm’ for a family is strictly enforced by the Chinese Government. People have developed social awareness and they are resolved to observe ‘the one-child norm’.

The Government should deny educational facilities and job opportunities to the children of the parents who have more than one child. Unless such a strict law is enforced it is very difficult to solve the population problem and the economic crisis of the country. The Family Planning Associations should play a great role in creating social awareness among the people that ‘the one-child norm’ is good not only for a family but also for a country.


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