478 words short essay on A Visit to a Fair

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In another part of the fair, there was a big merry-go-round, on which men, women, particularly children were having joy- rides. There was a big wooden horse nearby. Small children were having fun with it. Their parents were also enjoying the fair.

At last, I saw a huge crowd. When I went there, I saw a snake charmer who was playing on his flute pipe. The snake was dancing on the melodious tune. It was an awful sight. The snake appeared to be hypnotized by the sweet sound of the flute. When I moved a little further, I saw that there was some wrestling match. The renowned wrestlers of the area had come there to participate in the wrestling. It was really very interesting to see them tugging, pushing and grappling with each other.

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This is a big fair. Preparation for it starts a month in advance. People from remote areas come here with their cattle and fetch good money. Many farmers buy bulls of good breed. Some buy cows of superior breed. The cattle were exhibited nicely. They were looking attractive. There were some sadhus in the fair. They were chanting mantras and pious hymns. Some were preaching. The religious minded people were listening to them. The visit was an interesting experience. We enjoyed the fair greatly. Being very tired we came back home in the evening. This fair is helpful in uniting people. It brings them closer.


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