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Our locality has abundance of parks. I went to have a walk in one of the lush green parks. I was surprised to see lots of people there, who were there for morning walk. Cool breeze was blowing. It was pleasant to be there in the morning. The cool, calm, quiet atmosphere presented a very beautiful scene.

There were sounds of chirping birds which filled me with joy. The whispering sound of green leaves, the dew drops on the edges of grass, the soft rays of rising sun all presented a healthy and beautiful sight. Different people have their own different ways of maintaining good health. Some people were engaged in doing yoga. Several of them were doing meditation. Some were jogging. Many of them were doing different asanas. In one corner children were playing with ball.

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A group of young boys was enjoying the early hours by playing hockey. It served two purposes at a time. It was a source of entertainment and exercise as well. Some boys were running in circles. A yoga teacher was teaching different asanas to a group of children. Some elderly persons were clapping and laughing.

Their cracking laughter made other people laugh also. I also did jogging and took some light exercises. When the sun went up I came back.

A morning walk has another advantage also. It gives an opportunity to interact with various people. We meet and greet them. This casual meeting later turns into good friendship. Thus, a morning walk is good for us in many ways. It keeps us healthy, happy and energetic for the whole day. It recreates and refreshes us.


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