LSD, prepared. Some drugs are consumed while

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LSD, ganja, brown sugar, crude molasses, cocaine, heroin, etc. are some of the widely used drugs. Crack is a very common drug which can be easily prepared. Some drugs are consumed while some are inhaled. With every puff of smoke, one inhales a deadly combination of poisonous chemicals.

Drug abuse is a major cause of liver problem, heart attack, high blood pressure, etc. People start taking drugs from several reasons. Some take it out of curiosity and recreation or to cope with stress. Those who start taking drugs are either unemployed or frustrated due to some social or family problem.

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Once started as a recreation it turns out to be a dependency. An addict finds it difficult to live without drugs. He can go to any extent to satiate his urge for drugs. An addict remains hooked to this problem. At this stage, even if he tries to give up his habits, he is helpless. Lack of drug causes severe withdrawal symptoms, which disappear when the drug is taken again. According to National Survey, hardly a third of drug dependents reported having taken treatment. In the findings of other agency it was found as low as two per cent.

It is largely because people do not see drug abuse as a medical problem. Besides, lack of rehabilitation and access to treatment facilities are various other causes for not seeking treatment. There are various agencies working to eradicate this social evil.

But they do not work sincerely towards this. They need to be sensitive towards this problem. Besides, other non-government organisations and media should come forward to create awareness in masses against this evil.

An addict needs care and affection. Our society should change its attitude. He should be provided with all the support and care. He should be properly rehabilitated. Moral education should be made a part of our curriculum. Society should be made aware from the early stage.

We can eradicate this evil.


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