TV much more. Television is jeeringly termed as

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TV is no longer a luxury. It has become one of the necessities of life. It is a great source of entertainment. It blends education with entertainment. It is an audio-visual device, no less important in providing information on varied topics than a newspaper. The television gives news, views, reviews and interviews. It is a mini celluloid screen and much more.

Television is jeeringly termed as “The Idiot box” It is so because the typical TV. Fans remain glued to it like an idiot. The term also endeavors to scoff at the boring pro­grammes which are sometimes presented. The usefulness of television cannot be underestimated. While sitting cozily in one’s drawing-room, one can witness the events of the world in their live form. One can hear speeches, debates and witty contests. One can see exciting matches and thrilling ath­letic competitions. Apart from old and new documentary and feature films, interesting and educative dramas, one-act plays and several historical and mythological serials are telecast over the television.

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Some serials aim at furthering national integration and communal harmony. Lessons for adult and children’s education are also given. Great scientific experiments and complicated sur­gical operations are telecast live. Television is a great boon to the housewives. They get entertainment after they get bored while doing household chores. They also learn new lessons in cookery, knitting, sewing, interior decoration etc. The children learn new physical exercises and the students get more information about their lessons.

During test and one-day matches and at the time of elections, TV provides the latest tally. We feel thrilled to get highlights of Olympic and other games. The telecast through the satellite has added a new di­mension to the usefulness of TV.

As a result of it, television hue reached almost all parts of our county. The meteorological forecasts greatly help the farmers and the fishermen. The farmers also get knowledge of new tech­niques of farming through TV. The adver­tisements of various marketable products greatly help the producer as well as the consumer. Television is also a bane in one sense. Many children, who are too much enamored of it, get their eyesight impaired. Many oth­ers neglect their lessons and games.

Also erotic scenes from films have a degenerative effect on the young people. Like all objects of science,’ television is a good servant but a bad master. One can develop one’s personality greatly through its proper use. The reverse can be the case in case of over-indulgence.


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