Twelve seven to nine—the hours when the maximum

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Twelve of us formed a group.

Every Sunday, in the evening hours, from seven to nine—the hours when the maximum number of shoppers visits the local Super Bazar Market, we would line the roads leading to the Bazar from the four directions. The senior-most amongst us posted him self at the main entrance, where the rush used to be at its peak. We stood at important points on the tyre-platforms.

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First-aid kits were also available with us, from which we could administer aid to the passers-by in case of any mishaps. The Police Sergeants visited our platforms periodically, to give us valuable tips. This type of training is very important in big cities, as every third person involved in an injury or accident is a victim of negligence of traffic rules. Right from the start, students learn the rules of traffic as they are supposed to implement them every Sunday while on Traffic Control duty. Our basic rule of traffic is that we should go on one side of the road.

We should slow down at the turnings and main crossings. We should alwaysgive indications of our movements by hands, as well as by indicators on the vehicles we are driving. This means that we have to be attentive to similar signals from other vehicles also. We should park our vehicles only at tine parking areas, and not just where we like.

Parking at any other place causes traffic dislocations and big traffic- jams. Competing with others, racing and cross sing speed limits are also dangerous. In case of an accident, running away from the scene is also a crime.

Thus, we should allow others to use the road in a befitting manner and similarly follow the same rules ourselves also. This will reduce the number of casualties on the roads. The students who learn traffic rules in their school days later make proper use of the roads.


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