Then were gossiping and some were playing

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Then I moved to the medical ward.

The patients lying there were in very pathetic condition. They all seem to be vexed with their diseases. Pain, anxiety, tension and helplessness were writ large on their faces. Meanwhile doctors and nurses were attending them. Senior doctors also took round of that ward and gave necessary instructions to the nurses.

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The doctors attended individual patients sympathetically, and enquired of their health and well-being. He consoled the patients who were in much agony. He checked the prescriptions and changed medicines for other patients.

He accordingly instructed the nurses and other medical staff. I had to pass through the operation theatre. Some patients to be operated upon were lying on the stretcher outside the ward. The corridor presented a very serious and quiet scene.

Indeed it was an alarming scene. There were patients in lawn, who had recovered from their illness and were in better condition. Some of them were gossiping and some were playing chess and cards.

They were enjoying. Those of the patients who had recovered from their illness were going their homes happily. While some people were sitting in sad mood waiting to hear about their relatives’ well being who were undergoing operations. I met my friend in emergency ward. He was lying unconscious wrapped in bandages. But he was out of danger. He had multiple injuries. But the doctor attending him assured of his getting well soon.

The hospital presented a gloomy picture. I was moved to see the condition of the patients. At the same time, the behaviour of doctors and nurses was worthy of great praise. Their prompt and quick services accompanied with sympathetic attitude were rays of hopes for the dying and diseased. After some time I came out of the hospital.

The atmosphere inside and outside was totally different.


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