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our physical as well as mental health. They give us energy and strength. They keep us active for the whole day. They instill in us a sense of discipline and develop team spirit. They are necessary for our growth.

There are several kinds of games. Some games are indoor, some are outdoor. Indoor games like carom, chess, etc. do not require more space.

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They can be played inside the house. While sports like hockey, football, cricket, etc. are played in open ground. They involve lots of physical activities. Games like chess, carom board, etc. demand less physical involvement than football and hockey.

Of all the games I like cricket very much. It is one of the popular games all across the world. It is equally popular in developed and developing countries. A child finds it interesting. Even small children in remote villages can be seen playing cricket.

When there is any big event in cricket, cricket fever is high. During cricket season absenteeism is very common. Presence in colleges and offices declines sharply. People take leave to enjoy the match of cricket.

Cricket is played with bat and ball in an open ground. It is played between two teams. It is a game which requires energy, stamina, concentration and fitness. Every player plays with a team spirit. It is the spirit which ensures the win of the team.

The game of cricket infuses in the player a sense of cooperation and coordination. Not only discipline and cooperation, the game has become a good source of earning too. The team which wins any mega event is showered with booties. The players become multi-millionaire overnight. They become hero. They become role model particularly for the youth.

It is the popularity of this game that big companies sponsor sports events. The tickets are sold at high rate. Big money is at stake. The stadium is crowded with the spectators. The players are showered with gifts for every sixes and fours. Its popularity can be gauged from the thundering applause of the spectators.

Even its commentary right involves huge money. Cricket is a cheap game. It requires only bats and ball. Twenty players play with only one ball and two bats. It presents a good career option today. The game is a good source of promoting love, friendliness and cooperation among member countries. It brings them closer.

Cricket is my favorite game. It gives energy, strength, inspiration and stamina. It brings pleasure and prosperity. It commands both respect and resources. Therefore, I like it most.


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