Internet information. The information thus collected could

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Internet surfing is a good source of learning and entertainment.

A student can utilize his leisure time by surfing through various websites of Internet. A student can surf through good websites so that he can have access to good-quality of useful information. The information thus collected could be used for career development. This facility can be availed even by those students who are financially weaker and cannot afford computer and Internet of their own. They can go to cyber cafe to have that information at nominal payment of price. There are many educational websites available on Internet. They are of particular use for the students.

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The required information could be downloaded for further use. Internet provides a vast ocean for further use. We know information is knowledge and knowledge is power. It is the student who can turn that information into power.

They can pick the right type of information and use it for their educational needs. Besides, the IT offers detailed information about various avenues of career. A student can choose a right one as per his skill, aptitude and resources. With the help of it he can groom himself according to the career option he aims to pursue. In short, IT has all those and many more uses required for building the career of a student.

It is helpful in creating awareness about their capabilities, career goals and society they live in. They can broaden our outlook and add to our knowledge and capability. It is up to the students how they make use of the IT.


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