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The suburbs of the towns and the cities have no sewage system. Gutters on the sides of the streets are common and they emit a foul smell. Mosquitoes breed in the open gutters and pose a danger to the people’s health. In some towns and in some places in the cities the drainage water overflows on the streets. The Government authorities and the people are generally accused of having no civic sense.

There is a large-scale complaint that in many places in towns and cities the streets and roads are not maintained properly. Both the people and the Government have a responsibility in maintaining the streets and roads in good condition. Sometimes accidents are caused as the roads are in bad shape. In the middle of the road there may be a pothole where water may be stagnant, and to avoid the pothole, a car going straight may suddenly swerve to the left or to the right. The vehicle coming behind may dash on it resulting in an accident. Good roads should be laid for the safety of the vehicles and the persons traveling in it. Good roads help avoid accidents.

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Water should not stagnate on the roads and if water stagnates it shows the defect in the laying of roads. The absence of the drainage system on the sides of the roads causes rainwater to stagnate. In many towns and cities in India heavy rain sometimes flood a low-lying street and vehicles have to run slowly, where water for a depth of a foot or two stagnates, and people have to wade through water. Lying of good road is the prime duty of a Government.


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