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Even after having given a handsome dowry after begging, borrowing and stealing, the woes of poor parents do not end there. The girls are asked by their greedy in-laws to bring more and more gifts. In fact, there are endless demands. Many girls at last get bored and bold enough to raise a tremulous voice against cruel and unjust demands. The result is torture by the in-laws and in some cases even death by burning. We claim to live in a civilized society. Often we flaunt our moralistic and idealistic pretensions.

Should we not be ashamed of ourselves for practicing or letting practiced such cruel practices as the dowry system? If we have any qualms of conscience that prick us, should not we raise a full-throated voice against such barbaric practices? As a first step, all of us should pledge never to give or take dowry in any form. Better to remain unmarried than to partici­pate in such an obnoxious system. Sec­ondly, we should socially boycott the defaul­ters.

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Thirdly, mustering up courage, we should report the matter to the police in case of default of the Anti-Dowry Act passed by the Parliament and the state legislatures. Fourthly, the women organisations should, in particular, activate themselves further and, if need be, sit in dharma in front of the houses of dowry seekers. In fact, this evil has taken such deep and firm roots in our society that only a determined bid and effort can uproot it.


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