The rural areas, one can see ponds

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The heavy down-pour may just last for two or three hours or sometimes for even one hour. But during this short period, the roads and streets are flooded. In low-lying areas, water enters people’s houses.

Roofs of some houses begin to leak. Some old buildings even collapse. Sometimes there is loss of life and property. Little children come out of their houses.

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They bathe in the rain. Some of them even float paper-boats in the flooded streets. After the rain is over, people come out of their houses. In the rural areas, one can see ponds full of water with frogs croaking in’ them. The trees and plants get bathed and offer a neat and clean look.

The air is free from dust. In the big cities the roads seem to have been washed. But pools of muddy water flood the streets where the drainage system is not in order. The kootchar roads become slippery and it is dangerous to walk over them. As the rain is over, the intensity of heat is mitigated. The air of fans becomes cooler. The people have a sigh of relief.

But, sometimes, the wind fails and there is stuffi­ness in the open. The mosquitoes fill the atmosphere. Sometimes, after the rain, a rainbow can be seen in the horizon. It pro­vides a great enjoyment to the young and old alike. Rain in winter often increases discom­fort by adding to the biting force of cold. The people have to remain indoors in front of fire or room-heater.

They, however, spend their time in reading, gossiping or in preparing and eating dainty dishes with hot tea or coffee. But the poor wage-earners have to Suffer a lot. They cannot learn anything. In any case, it is in summer that a rainy day is an occasion for relief and rejoicing.


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