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In addition, lack of basic amenities in life leads people to migrate to urban areas. The developed cities provide them work opportunities and better social and cultural opportunities. There are big opportunities for education, growth and prosperity. People in rural areas being sick of unemployment, migrate to urban areas. Everyday a great number of people migrate to different urban centers.

They are settling in and around the centre of towns and cities. It has created a problem of housing in cities and urban slums have started growing. The rise of the migration has outpaced the development in towns and cities. Migration has resulted in overcrowded houses, traffic jams and pressures on schools and colleges, system of civil supplies, etc.

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It has also contributed to the rise of crimes such as burglary, black-marketing, prostitution, adultery, etc. Urbanization has led to the emergence of nuclear families. It has weakened the family bond. Urbanization has caused erosion in moral values. Urbanization has led to a shift in attitude to materialism.

Everybody is hankering after money. People do not have time to care and share. Social contacts have become segmental in urban cities. People have become self-seeking. To a great extent urbanization has ended social life.

Mutual relations among the family members have been adversely affected. Even the community life is disappearing. Urbanization has raised the standard of living of the people. It has created big business opportunities. Despite all these, unchecked flow of urbanization is a cause of concern.

It has worsened condition in town. It has worsened condition in cities. Government should introduce such policies and programmes which may check the growth of population. It should make policies to ensure equal development so that situation may be controlled before it is too late.


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