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The postman is a familiar face.

He puts on a uniform. His uniform is khaki. He carries a bag with him. He keeps his letters, parcels, money orders, telegrams and gifts in his bag. He works for the Post and Telegraph Department. He is a government servant. In the morning, the postman goes to the post office. He sorts out the letters and post of his area to be delivered.

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He then puts stamps all the letters. He takes his cycle and goes out to deliver the post. The life of the postman is very difficult.

He works hard for the whole day. He has to move from door to door and locality to locality to deliver letters. Even he has to work at night to deliver telegrams. The postman has to move in every season and in every weather. He has to work in the rainy season too.

Even if it is biting chill he has to work. Sometimes, a postman has to cover difficult terrains in deserts and hilly areas. He has to pass through deserts and forests and other hostile places.

Sometimes, a postman loses his life due to snake bite or severity of weather like a heat stroke. Usually the postman is honest and hardworking. But some postmen are not sincere in their duties. They don’t perform their duties properly.

They are careless. They do not deliver the letters to their respective addresses. They do not put letters in the letter boxes kept outside the houses and throw them somewhere else, these letters are torn by the children who do not know the importance of a letter. People have to suffer a lot due to their careless behaviour. Despite his difficult duties, he gets a meager salary. His allowances are not as per his duties. He has limited holidays. When we enjoy holidays he is busy with his works.

He is overburdened particularly during festival and marriage season. There is little scope for growth and promotion. He has not enough money to give good education to his children. His whole life is spent in poverty.

Sometimes, people offer him money as a gift. He is happy. We should be kind and sympathetic to him. Our government should do much to bring change in his life.


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