The the city of Kathmandu. Finally, our plane

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The sight inside the plane also deserves to be mentioned. Some passengers were dozing and snoring, many of them were reading magazines or books of their choices and interests. Several passengers were feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. Many passengers were gossiping. Some were involved in discussions over current socio-politician issues. At around 11 a.m., the aeroplane took a brief halt at the Patna airport.

The passengers on board were again provided with some refreshment. After a little while the plane again resumed flight towards its final destination. Within no time the plane was passing over the mountainous regions of the Himalayas. The landscape below appeared very enchanting. The scenic beauty of the Himalayan region was wonderful. It was full of falls, rivers, plains, greenery, ravines and gorges, deep gravers, and majestic cypress trees.

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The Kathmandu valley was all the more attractive. It was a wonderful experience to have an aerial view of the city of Kathmandu. Finally, our plane landed at 1 p.m.

at the Kathmandu airport. I was very pleased and had a thrilling experience. We came out of the plane. My uncle was there to receive us. He took us to the restaurant at the airport. We had ice-cream there. Then we left for his home.


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